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Sarah Broughton

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11:03 pm: Thought it was time for an update!

Me and Hammy have been together 3 months today!! cant believe how fast its gone, he's just been at mine : ) I love him to pieces... although it is quite hard making time for a boyfriend along with everything else. College has been ded stressful lately, coursework deadlines etc.

Couple of weeks ago, went to liverpool with Hezzy, hanni, Lisa, Rach and Corinne, was really fun! this little lad tried to dance with me which was kinda awkward : S Had fun dancing anyway! and managed to only spend about 12 quid.

This weekend just gone i went to a party with hammy, was good, his friends were really nice and fun! Kinda didnt feel in a party mood, felt tired and cranky, think he was a bit worried about me : (

Everythings great again now tho : ) decided i was gonna make more effort with him... he's such a lovely bf, felt like i wasnt giving him the attention he deserves.

On the uni front... went to visit John Moores last wednesday, really liked it, accomodation was great! going to Liverpool Hope this saturday.

ooo Whole Lotta Led in a couple of weeks! shud be fun : )

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Date:March 2nd, 2005 07:10 pm (UTC)
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